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The Dinky Rugs Policy

All Dinky Rugs products are fitted to, and tried and tested by a large group of miniatures and small ponies.  For this reason it's unusual for customers to find any fitting or quality problems.  Dinky Rugs are made to our own unique patterns and are not just 'scaled down' horse rugs.  All items in our range are manufactured from only the best quality materials, without compromise in detail.  Our rugs feature shaped and darted quarters for excellent fit, and the shoulder areas are lined with anti-rub material. Necklines are reinforced where necessary, to prevent stretching.  Most of the products we offer are exclusive to Dinky Rugs and are either made by us, in our own factory, or for us to our own measurements and exacting standards

You can be assured of only the best for your small equines when buying Dinky Rugs products


TACK & TURNOUT – A Brief History

Tack & Turnout was established in 1988 as a working saddlers specialising in the manufacture of top class bespoke bridlework, repair work and saddle fitting

By the late 90’s, the saddlery trade was changing.  With more and more goods being imported cheaply there was less demand for top quality English leatherwork and the company began to change direction.  Having had numerous requests from customers and friends with small ponies and miniatures, for items they found difficult to source elsewhere, we decided to take a closer look at this growing market

With the facilities and ‘know how’ to manufacture top quality and exclusive products, we eventually produced a complete range of rugs and equipment for all small equines up to 12.2hh - and in 2001 Dinky Rugs was ‘born’!

Dinky Rugs is now a Registered Trade Mark of Tack & Turnout Ltd. and an established name in its own right